After your visit

After you visit Mpongwe we hope you will continue to network with others who care about Mpongwe.

Your experiences can motivate other people to get involved with MBA, either as volunteers or as donors.

If you kept a travel journal or blog that we can add to our website please send a link to

Would you like to receive our newsletter send your email address to

Your photos and videos can be of interest to out partners or future visitors. Due to internet restrictions we are unable to upload or download large items including photos or videos from Mpongwe but there are several ways you can submit photos and videos you wish to make available for our website or newsletter.

  • Take to the MBA office before you leave.
         Assist if necessary in moving from your camera or memory stick to our photobank.
  • Upload photos and short videos to our FLICKR group
  • Upload photos and short videos to the FACEBOOK group “Tuesday’s People
  • Upload videos to YouTube and send a link. 
  • Send to our web page volunteer 
  • Send on a CD/DVD to us or post them to our webpage volunteer. Ask for information about address.
  • Become one of our web page volunteers. Ask for information.   

Let us know if you have additional tips that you recommend we add to our information. 

Thank you for being a part of the solution!

Thank you for investing your life in Mpongwe! We look forward to celebrating the development that is going to happen together with you.

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