Contact Information

MBA – Mpongwe Baptist Association

Address PO Box 112
Phone +260 212 482082


MMH – Mpongwe Mission Hospital

Address PO Box 90096
Phone +260 212 482073

MBA Senior Management Team and Secretariat


Mr Adamson Chimba Shamfuti

Director or

+260 967997511

Mr Langson Makule

General Secretary

+260 966617124

Mr Chisinkebele Kellyson

Hospital Manager

Mr Patrice Mutakela

Cashier and Guesthouse in charge

+260 978290433

Mr Edwin Chipelelo


+260 977606500

Mr Denis Mulongoti

Coordinator of Children’s Rights

Mrs Mirriam Shamfuti

Coordinator of Orphan and Vulnerable Children-program (OVC)

+260 968872526


MBA on Social Networks

Facebook Facebook Group: Friends of Mpongwe
Flickr Flickr Group: Friends of Mpongwe picture pool.

MBA’s Internet availability is limited and we must limit downloads of large files (photos, videos or large documents). If you have something to send us consider sending on a CD/DVD. If you have photos to submit to our webpage (which we welcome!) please upload to Flickr or send directly to our volunteer who can upload for us ( The hospital does NOT have any internet access at the hospital, nor are there outgoing phone lines available to staff, so our ability to answer questions directly is limited.

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