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MBA In A Dynamic Development Project

As a part of the transition of ownership of the hospital and compound from Interact (EFK) to MBA in 2007, a development project was designed to create conditions for a successful transition. The project, which is funded by Swedish International Development Agency SIDA, will run for potentially a total of 7 years (3+3+2 years).


Phase 1 of the program runs July 2007-2009. The focus is on leadership training, office and management systems upgrades and improved networking. A key component of Phase 1 (2007-2009) is to break the isolation of Mpongwe. Leaders have taken a journey of discovery and learning, drawing on the experience and knowledge of other organizations in order to improve the churches of MBA and the hospital . Phase 2 will include a gender perspective. 


The coming 7 years will be a dynamic time of learning, change and growth. The leadership team has entered into this with a learning spirit and this will hopefully be spread to other parts of the organization.


Our thanks to the team of people who made this possible, our long-term partners InterAct (including Gudrun Boström, Irma Janzon, Fredrik Karlsson and churches of Interact), SMC and SIDA.


The purpose of MBA’s development project is Long Term Sustainability.

Long term objectives – A positive picture of the future!

In 10 years:

• Mpongwe Baptist Association has trained competent and experienced leaders in charge in its churches and our institutions.
• Young people are continuously trained to take responsibility and to be able to enter leadership positions.
• Zambians own more land and that the institutions are carried on by Zambians and have reached financial sustainability.
• Women and men are equal and women have the opportunity to go to school, to be educated at higher education and that they are well represented in different kind of leading position in the church and in the civil society. Women are independent and an active part of the civil society and that changes are done respecting traditions and culture.


In 5 years:

• Decision making in MBA and at the Hospital is done in a professional way as a result of developed administrative tools.
• MBA and the local churches are well-respected institutions in the civil society and are playing an important role for the welfare of the Zambians.
• MBA and its institutions are part of a worldwide network where they can work together in order to improve in all areas where they are active and in order to contribute to the benefit of others.
• Human Resource is an important area. The staff is well educated and MBA, as an employer, is taking good care of the staff. 


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