You can make a significant impact on the lives of the rural poor in Mpongwe. Financial support for the work of MBA helps us in our goal of giving hope to all.


Simply put MBA works hard at saving lives in Mpongwe district. Our work gets results, and needs your help. By giving a gift you are providing essential funding for initiatives that MBA has identified. The resources you contribute today to MBA will change the lives of those living in poverty and save lives through vital health care. 

Alternative Gifts – Gifts of Hope

When selecting a gift for friends of family consider giving an “alternative gift”, a gift card specifying that you have made a gift to MBA in their honour. Include a link to our website so they can read about how their gift is saving lives. 

Donations toward a special project

Projects are specific and limited ways you can make a difference. The projects we have identified can be contributed to financially as well as with “sweat equity”. Read more about the projects we have identified.  

Consider a planned giving donation

Making a planned gift to MBA offers you a flexible and simple way to combine philanthropy with financial planning. In fact, a planned gift may help you give more than you thought possible while still providing you with favourable financial and/or tax benefits. If you are interested in setting up tax deductible giving in your country contact a philanthropy professional or financial advisor. Sweden has changed giving rules for corporations, an opportunity to consider.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts of equipment and medical supplies have been very important us. We want to support our local economy but also recognize the value of donated items from organisations with the capacity to arrange the freight and paperwork when it is cost effective. Please contact us about current needs. If donating equipment consider including funding for the installation, maintenance and training necessary to use the equipment so that your gift comes to full usefulness. Opening a container is a special event. We have captured some on video.

Corporations in Sweden

Swedish corporations can now give in new ways to charitable projects. Contact our Ge För Livet or Läkarmissionen for information about this new opportunity. Read more: Skänk aktieutdelningen till MBA genom Ge För Livet 

Our commitment

The churches of MBA are committed to keeping the hospital open and to become a church that serves the needs of our impoverished subsistence community with it’s large number of orphans. Donations are gratefully accepted and relied upon to keep the hospital open and provide support to church leaders in their important work.  If this mission resonates with your heart, we welcome you to volunteer your time, services, resources, or fundraising ideas. MBA gratefully welcomes your contributions.




If you have questions about MBA funding please read our FAQs or contact us. You can read more about the Hospital’s Financial Situation, Ways MBA is Working Toward Sustainability, A variety of ways to Get Involved, Current Needs

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