Impact of Financial Crisis

World Financial Crisis Impact

Has the world financial crisis had an impact on us yet? Yes, most definitely.

Regionally it has impacted the copper market so mines have been cutting back in production and staff affecting the local economy. On the plus side is does mean that the electrical outages we had in 2008 got a bit better for awhile in 2009.

Most seriously it has impacted the donor community as well as the Zambian government, our major funder. Employment has gone down impacting tax revenue and we have had a 25% cut in funding from the government. This is causing CONSIDERABLE PROBLEMS for the hospital’s already stretched financial situation. Our financial situation is urgent with concern about how to pay the bills and difficult decisions regarding which needs me must go without.

In 2009 food prices have increased, specifically mealy meal, our staple food. This has a huge impact on our MBA church members and neighbours.

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