– INSTRUCTIONS – Adding Newsletter to newsletter page

How to update the webpage with the latest newsletter.

Step 1 – Ask somebody to help you!

First Ask a volunteer to do step 9 for you. It is tricky.. Then Grab a volunteer who has a few extra minutes and they can support you until you feel confident to do it on your own! They are there for moral support only. You can do it!

Step 2 – Log into the webpage – If you are reading this you are already logged on!

Step 3 – Go to the “Newsletters” page

  • Click on NEWS tab then Click on NEWSLETTER link
  • Now you see the article you are going to edit. The top part of the article (Headline text) is just a TEASER or summary. It is visible on several places in the website. The bottom part is the LIST of newsletters with links to the actual newsletters which are stored on MBA’s FTP site (mpongwe.com)


Click on the “EDIT” symbol (paper and pencil) in the upper right

  • The article should open. When the article is open a red line will appear (or a “Read more” line)
  • The text that is “above the red line” shows on other places in the website.
  • We have the HEADLINE text above the red line and LIST of NEWSLETTERS below the red line

Step 5 – Edit the Headline text

  • Change to make it appropriate
  • When you prepare the next newsletter you can update this paragraph (a few weeks before)

Step 6 – Edit List text

  • Edit the Date of the newsletter you are uploading
  • You can now do a SAVE if you made lots of changes, then reopen and continue editing.

Step 7 – Get ready to upload the file: Find the file (the Newsletter you are going to upload)

  • Open Windows Explorer and keep it open to the folder where you have the Newsletter file stored.

Step 8 – Get ready to upload the file: Format the title of the document

  • CHANGE the title so it doesn’t have any blank spaces or in it. Replace blank spaces with underline symbol “_”
  • In the future you can title the newsletters in this way from the beginning.

Step 9 – Upload the newsletter to MBA server – Put them into the Newsletter folder  THIS STEP IS CHALLENGING – GET HELP!

  • a) Open the FTP site: Log into server ftp://mpongwe.com/ (not in Firefox)
  • The file pathway is mpongwe.com/images/stories/pdf/Newsletter
  • Log on codes will be needed. Sometime you have to enter them twice.
  • b) Open the server in a Window Explorer window: To view the FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer
  • c) Click and drag the pdf from YOUR FOLDER to the NEWSLETTER folder

Step 10 – Create a LINK to the new file in the list

  • Put the marker in the field where the newsletter should be
  • Click on the link manager button at the BOTTOM of the article (Linkr)
  • Click on FILE
  •     Find the file you are looking for:
  •     Click on IMAGES folder then STORIES folder the PDF folder then NEWSLETTER folder
  •     Alternatively you can use the drop down directory menu at the bottom to find the tool. When you go back to do it again letter it may be at a different place in the file structure… Just find your way to the place in the file structure that you want to be
  •      Mouse over the icons until you find the one that is the latest one (the one that has the title you are looking for)
  • Click on the LINK below that file.
  • A new tool will open.
  •  FILL IN THE TEXT field (Fill in the NAME that you want to show (MBA Newsletter no _)
  • Click on GET LINK
  • If you working in FIREFOX your link should be there now. If you are working in Window Explorer it may seem like nothing happened. If so go up to the top of the article page and you will find the link you created. Copy and drag it into place.

FUTURE OPTION Steps 9 & 10 – We need to upgrade the tool so that you can do steps 9 and 10 in one step. I don’t know how to do that. When somebody helps with that method please update this instruction list.

Step 11 – SAVE

Congratulations! You are done! Stop and save earlier if you need to, then just re-open the article 

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