Current Funding Needs



URGENT FUNDING CONCERN – Our most pressing need right now is the financial situation at the hospital.

Funding from the Zambian government has been reduced due to cut backs of international grants that they used to fund health care in our district. This leaves us in an acute financial situation again, concerned about how we are will meet our costs for the coming month.  The funding we get is inadequate to pay for salaries, fuel, cleaning supplies, food and medicine and leaves us with extremely difficult decisions about what to do without.


10 million Zkw/month
MJR_20080821_9025 Medical Supplies
Sutures, Protective gloves, bandages, surgical gauze
Housing for staff
Cost to build a new house, allowing us to recruit doctors and nurses 100 Million Zkw
Rebeckas114 HIV/AIDS Study Material for Churches
Study Guides and Leaders Handbooks to help churches extend love and care to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Cost 7500 SA Rand for 100 Handbooks and Guides.
Additional funding needed for shipping.

Food for patients
When we do not have funds to provide adequate meals to our patients it breaks our hearts.
Patients need extra nutrition but our funding doesn’t allow us to serve vegetables or meat more than a limited number of days per week.When funding is low we have had to cut back from 2 meals a day to 1 meal of maize, unable to provide the necessary nutrients they need for healing. 5 million Zkw/month

Patients’ families recognize inadequate food and sometimes bring meals. This is not an option for many patients who live far away or have no family to care for them.






5 million Zkw /year

Pastoral scholorships and funding for Discipleship training students IMG_9071 Medical Scholorships(Nursing, Medical) IMG_9358
Scholorships for Young leaders with potential Professional Scholorships (Accounting)

Bikes for church planters

500.000 Zkw

IMG_2184 Travel costs for young leader to attend conferences MJR_20080813_6748
Theology books

Books for lending library (new or used)


Orphans, Vulnerable Children and the Grannies that care for them

MBA churches have orphans and widow in their fellowships. There are no social services or government programs to meet these vulnerable peoples’ needs. The families of the church are taking orphans into their care, sometimes up to 3-6 children per family (including MBA-project team staff). As the number of orphans and widow’s grows exponentially the church has begun to awaken to the reality that something more will need to be done. There is no formal program in place but we are looking into starting one to support churches that have already begun identifying children in their midst who need basic support (shoes and sweater for the cold months, food) as well as empowerment with income generation projects. The churches despite their poverty are already giving toward this.

Cost to hire a local coordinator who can get the program started, empower and support churches, including necessary training for the coordinator: 15 million kwacha


Mortuary fridge


Water system overhaul

Solar panels (to cut our costs and give energy supply during frequent electrical outages).

Guest houses – completion of renovations

Hospital renovations


Hospital Renovations – Roof and Roof structure


Support Us – Tell a friend

Do you have contacts with a person or organisation that could fund one of our need? Please tell your contacts about us! Support us by connecting us to fundraising events or by involving your church or your business. Connect us to donors such as philanthropies or aid organizations. Thank you!

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