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Development Project 2007 and Handover Ceremony August 2007


Visitors, Volunteers, Partners

Additional photos from 2007 in our YouTube slideshow Volunteers visit CHITABA BAPTIST CHURCH

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We have reason to be thankful!

We have many reasons to be thankful including the continued financial support of INTERACT, international grants receive via CHAZ, our many visitors and volunteers who help us both here and with fundraising from home.

2007 was a eventful year with the beginning of our development project and the historic Interact-MBA handover.
Photos of those are here: Development Project 2007 and Handover Ceremony August 2007.

Most of the support we are thankful for didn’t get captured on film but these did get captured!

Donations arranged by Voluntary Service Abroad from NUI Galway. These dynamic women worked hard to raise funds and during their stay purchased Crutches, Drugs, Medical and Lab Supplies, covered an electricity bill, Fridge, Fans, 4 Heaters, 180 Blankets, Window Glass & Hooks for mosquito nets, Window putty, Bricks, Toilets, sinks, Cement, Maize, Desks and Transport for desks, Industrial Washing Machine and Installation of washing machine.

Malnutrition Ward Upgrade “Before-During-After”. Many thanks to Giving Children Of Mpongwe A Future for this refurbishment and Human Bridge for hospital equipment!


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