Prepare Mindset


MBA, the hospital, the guest house, workshop and MBA churches have a desire to develop and grow in their leadership and professional standards. We are wrestling with the challenges of recovering from extreme financial difficulties, of being under-resourced in a community with overwhelming levels of poverty and disease and coming to terms with the realities of “ownership” after a history of foreign ownership.

Self sustainability is our goal. We are working toward a new mind-set.  

Change is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. Management can only prioritize a limited amount of change at any time. You may see things you want to change but be sensitive to the realities that the organisation is living with. We have priorities that we are focusing on right now and new initiatives may need to wait until later. Any input you provide should be communicated in an encouraging and constructive way directly to management.

Your actions can be a positive model (both in the way you communicate and complete your tasks) . Encourage leaders and staff when you observe them making good decisions and actions. 

Please take time to understand the development program at it’s goals so that you can to support us in that process. You may have questions (like why we have funding for computers or trips but not the most basic needs of our ministries). We hope the details we have included will answer those questions. The program is time consuming. Staff may be away at training and we want you to be informed regarding why.

We value your support for our process of development as we implement the training, programs and projects. We are living in the tension of looking forward while dealing with the realities of today.We need your encouragement! Please ask Management about the development project and about what stages they are currently working on. Ask about current needs (practical and training). There may be training or assistance that you can provide that would be beneficial and appreciated. An example is basic computer training and support or support in updating our webpage. Also, you may have individuals or organizations in your network that could help our process along.


A volunteer has compiled a list of books that we hope can stimulate your thinking and prepare your minds and ideas about effective aid that leads to self-sufficient organisations. It includes links and literature on SHORT TERM MISSION and TEAM PREPARATION, POVERTY, HOLISTIC MISSIONS and much more.

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