Process of development

Coming from Financial Crisis

IMG_9308The hospital experienced serious financial difficulties in 2000-2006. A variety of problems put us in a very acute situation and the question was whether MMH could be saved at all or if the hospital would have to be closed. We were impacted by new regulations that kept us from collecting patient fees from the bulk of our patients.



The decision was taken to save the hospital due to the huge health challenges in the Mpongwe area and the important and strategic work being done there. Management changes were made, heavy staff and cost cuts were made, and debt was brought under control.







Today the hospital’s debt is reduced but operating under-resourced and threadbare. Supplies are often lacking. Facilities are in need of repair. Special programs (HIV, ART, TB etc) have earmarked international funding while the rest of the hospital has basic needs that are unmet.


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Improvements have begun at the MMH

Improvements have begun both in administration, management and facilities. The needs for the future are still very great.


Considerable effort is needed to reach the Vision, Mission and Values we have envisioned.


Handover a New Start

The ownership handover of the hospital from Interact to MBA in August 2007 is a starting point for a process of development. This event marked a big step in empowering the local organization and its Churches to take full responsibility for the operation of the Hospital. As part of the handover, a three year capacity development project was started in July 2007 with the aim of strengthening MBA through Leadership training, Management capabilities and creating a stronger network. The goal of the project is to ensure long term sustainability for MBA as a whole and for MMH in particular.


Long-Term View Partnerships Needed for Long-Term Sustainability
Seeing the hospital in a long-term view is very important. Unforeseen matters like severe changes of exchange rates, new state policies; new laws (for instance for the personnel) influence the possibilities of keeping up with the daily demands and often the long term interventions have to be less prioritized. It is important for Partners to patiently work with us to see that necessary changes will be done in order to see to the long-term sustainability to the health work.


As a consequence of decreased financial support from the government, the removal of patient fees and unfavorable changes of currency rates our need for increase resources is  added recourses are needed. The management of the hospital works to find new stakeholders and donors. This is an extensive work and is even harder today as all private health services in the country are in the same situation and looking for new donors. This work needs support. Financial support toward the running costs is extremely important during these periods of change.


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