MBA has identified a number of renovation projects that groups can get involved with financially or with “Sweat Equity”.

A comprehensive report was compiled with the help our our partners Friends of MBA Zambia in UK although it is very much a living list. Contact us for information on prioritized projects and current status.



The roof has not been replaced since it was build during the 70’s. There is an urgent need to replace both the corrugated steel sheets and the wood joists. Some of the current roofing sheets are no longer water tight, and this is causing problems in certain parts of the hospital. The wooden joists are rotting and decaying, which is affecting the stability of the sheets. However, costing for both steel joists and timber joists should be considered. The roof needs to be replaced in sections to avoid major disruption to the hospital. The pictorial view of the hospital illustrates the size of the project.

Solar Panels

Solar roof panels are needed in strategic parts of the hospital roof to a) provide a safe consistent supply of electricity during the many electrical power cuts b) to reduce the overall electricity bills, which have been rising enormously, due to several tariff increases over the past months. There is a diesel generator at the hospital for emergencies but the expense of running it makes it prohibitory.

This project should be planned in conjunction with the replacement of the corrugated roofing for cost effectiveness. Project costing should including panels, ancillary items including labor for fitting and training for maintenance. There were solar panels installed many years ago but they are well past their “sell by date”. Technology has improved but pricing is still high. Partners may choose to approach foundations (philanthropies) or businesses to fund this project as cost may be substantial.

Mosquito Screens

Hospital Wards

Hospital Flooring

Hospital Plumbing and Hot Water System

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital Kitchen remaining repairs


  • Repainting
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • High level water tank(s)
  • Solar panels
  • Security Fencing
  • Vision to build a further guest house


  • There are about sixty units on the MBA property. Many have urgent maintenance needs.


The workshop was set up to provide services in woodworking, joinery, mechanical engineering and general maintenance area for MBA as a whole and for the local people of MBA. There is a keen desire to regenerate the workshop in all areas of operation, including the newly added concrete block making system. The aim of the workshop is to become efficient in all departments, increase sales and produce a steady income to maintain this vital service. Currently the workshop operation is under utilized, partly due to lack of serviced equipment, and because replacement or additional machinery, including tools are urgently needed. The following is a list of equipment required. Most of the equipment would be purchased in Zambia. If, however, the following equipment in good working order can be donated and transport arranged in a cost effective way, Friends of MBA Zambia would arrange for it to be sent via container.

Workshop – Industrial machines:

  • Spindle moulder machine
  • Thicknesser machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Belt Sander machine
  • Tenoning machine
  • Surface planer 3 in 1
  • Door press machine
  • Cross-cut machine
  • Band way machine
  • Routing machine
  • Stone crushing machine
  • Battery charger
  • Generator
  • Lister Peter engine to run the concrete mixer (one piston) or New Concrete Mixer
  • Router
  • Orbital Sander
  • Drill machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Angle Grinder
  • Belt Sander
  • Band saw (blades 150 / 50 cm)
  • Planes and Saws
  • Chain Saw (diesel)
  • Reserve fuel for vehicles (tank on stand)







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