Previous visitors reports

Rapports and journals written by previous visitors to Mpongwe.  Volunteers are welcomed to send us links after your visit if you would like to share your experiences with our interested partners and future visitors.   

MJR_20080813_6855  MJR_20080815_7112 MJR_20080816_7418


Doctor Simon Bonnington Zambian Diary
  Simon_Bonnington_Journal_Zambia.pdf  (full report)
   Simon_B_Zambian_E-Diary_Extracts.pdf (extract)

Students from National University of Ireland Galway (need link)


Paediatric doctor
Rotary Doctorbank 

Nursing students from Högskolan Kristianstad
Spring 2007 (log in krävs) deras resdagbok

Johannas slutrapport

Resedagbok (log in needed) HannaBeckas blog, Kristinas blog, Linda o Stefan

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