Working Toward Sustainability

MBA is non-profit organisation that has several forms of income supporting the work of the denomination and hospital. Income is generated from The Guest Houses, the Workshop, Rental fees for houses on the compound, and from a farm that MBA owns and leases out. The hospital is a recipient of funding from the Government of Zambia , international grants funnelled through CHAZ and support from our long-term partner Interact. These funds alone are insufficient for keeping the hospital afloat financially. 

Discussions have been raised about how to move from being a recipient of aid to being a self sustaining organisation. The development project we have participated in since 2007 is giving us skills that moves us in the right direction, including access to timely financial data and ability to interpret it and other management skills. Since the handover, steps are being taken to analyse new forms of income generation.

 MBA Mpongwe Brickmaking

Income generation efforts

  • Brick making, filling a local need
  • New Guest House for increased income
  • Improvements to Guests houses to make them attractive
  • Analysis of rates for our rental houses, bringing them in line with market rate.
  • Appropriate adjustments to improve income of our income generating units, improved financial control and business management to maximize income and eliminate cash drains.
  • More ideas are being discussed.

We recognize there is a dichotomy of us saying we are working for Self Sufficiency while making direct plees for financial support. Given the situation we are coming out of (financial ruin), current financial situation we are in and the huge health needs of our communities we are unable to reach self sufficiency overnight. We are therefore very thankful for continued support from our long-term partners. We value all donations, new and continued, that help us have financial stability now so that we can also focus on steps for long term self sufficiency.

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