Chitaba Baptist Church 2009

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Containers from Sweden April 2009

Container from Sweden arrives with items for Hospital, Workshop and Guest Houses. Many thanks to Rotary groups, Friends of Mpongwe, Human Bridge and others who made this possible. The container which was delayed in Durban and then Lusaka was split into separate shipments. This video shows the first two shipments as they reach us and then unloaded into holding containers from which the items will be distributed.

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Container from Friends of MBA Zambia in UK 2008

Container from UK arrives with items for among other things Skills Development Project. Many thanks to our Friends in the UK who made this possible, and to Jenny Barnes, the woman with a mission!

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OPD Clinic 2008/2009

Mpongwe Mission Hospital new Outpatient Clinic, Video shows the stages of the project which was built June – Dec 2008, and the Dedication Ceremony April 2009. MBA expresses special thanks to VSA, National University of Ireland, Galway and the Engineering students which so skillfully led this project.

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Building Agape Guest House

MBA values the support of partners! Friends of MBA Zambia in the UK built the Agape Guest House in 2007.

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Chitaba Baptist Church Worships

Chitaba Baptist Church is one of MBA’s many churches. This video give a glimpes from  their worship services and choirs. Read more about the work of Chitaba Baptist Church

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Volunteers at Chitaba Baptist Church

Chitaba Baptist Church has welcomed many MBA volunteers to their services. Volunteers appreciate the hospitality of this church – and their wonderful choirs!

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Mr Musaka Interview

MBA Director Tuesday Musaka interviewed during a church visit in Sweden in 2007, including Swedish translation.

{qtube vid:=2O7Z-tnCkRk}


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