Why all the details?

Why do we include an extensive description of Development Project?

  • We want partners to be informed and to invite you into our process.
  • We value your support as we implement what we learn in the project. Getting training is one step. Reflecting on the implications of the training and putting the training into action is an ongoing process.
  • Transparency. Supporters may wonder why we have funding for travel, equipment and or projects but not the most basic needs of our ministries. The project is run with earmarked funds. A separate bank account was set up and the funds are used only for planned interventions and with detailed accounting restrictions.
  • Accountability. Effective aid includes accountability not only to donors but also to the recipients of aid. By making the details public we are being accountable to the members of MBA.
  • The project is time consuming. Staff may be away at training or may not be able to respond to our partners as quickly as we would like.
  • Focus. Partners with awareness of our current process can assist us as focus.
  • The development program is done parallel with “hard-work-in-the-trenches-fighting-for-our-existence”. We are living in the tension of looking forward, working toward long-term solutions while dealing with the realities of lack of medicines and basic supplies. Your donations can play a roll in giving us financial stability and breathing room to focus on long term issues.
  • We value your encouragement!

Here are the details: Phase 1 (2007-2009),  Next Phases 
Progress reports: Accomplishments and photos from  2007,   2008,  2009 

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